20 years training Spanish leaders

XX Anniversary

Our founder’s intellectual curiosity, generosity and spirit of enterprise led him in 1999 to set up the Rafael del Pino Foundation with the objectives of training Spain’s current and future leaders, promoting knowledge and research, encouraging entrepreneurship and defending freedom. It was on 4 November that year that the Foundation was set up. With 20 years gone by since then, now seems to be the right time to review the work done by the Foundation and measure the impact that its activities have had in the period from 1999 to 2019.

Our founder summed up our commitment magnificently when he said: “We all have a great task before us: that of helping to ensure that the knowledge inherited from others, together with our own particular added value, continues to be passed on to the next generations in freedom. This we can do by serving others, through our commitment, our efforts and our sacrifice. And if we apply our knowledge in this way to improving the wellbeing of more people, we will have done our duty and we will have made a small contribution to helping the Earth’s inhabitants live together in peace.”

After 20 years of activities, the Foundation renews this commitment to improving the knowledge of Spain’s leaders of the future, encouraging personal initiative, fostering the principles of the free market and free enterprise, the progress and future of Spain. The following figures illustrate the impact achieved and are an incentive to continue working with renewed strength, along the path laid by our founder and governing bodies.


The Foundation has organised numerous training programmes intended to strengthen the leadership, entrepreneuring and innovative capabilities of our current and future leaders.

119,800 people have participated in the 515 training programmes organised over these years.


The Foundation has paid special attention to the training of Spanish leaders by organising leadership programmes designed for specific groups of professionals to help them update their expertise and increase their personal and professional skills.

158 leadership programmes offered in Spain and 142 courses and intensive seminars taught in the United States and Great Britain were attended by 16,500 Spanish senior managers.


Innovation, driven by personal free initiative, reaches its fullest meaning when it can be materialised in real projects that are the germ of other new projects which are able to contribute to making the world in which we live a better place. With its options for training entrepreneurs, the Foundation has contributed to fostering the spirit of enterprise in Spain and strengthening business projects.

60 entrepreneurship programmes were attended by 5100 participants.


With the aim of supporting professionals in the field of education with the continuing development of their skills, the Foundation has offered programmes to support teachers in both their personal and their professional development.

45 training programmes for academics were attended by 4200 participants.


The Foundation’s programmes cater for all levels of education. Our initial experience in postgraduate studies and training for those already in positions of leadership was supplemented with programmes for children and young people at primary, secondary, pre-university and undergraduate level.

83 leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation programmes were taught to 79,000 young Spanish students.


By setting up the Rafael del Pino Online School the Foundation added online formats to its in-person programmes in order to strengthen its strategies for providing training to current and future leaders.

15,000 participants opted for the online training offered by the Rafael del Pino Online School.


The Rafael del Pino Excellence Scholarships programme has contributed to training Spanish leaders, fostering the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneuring in Spain, and to research and the dissemination of knowledge.

283 Rafael del Pino Excellence Scholars were beneficiaries of 473 scholarships awarded at the world’s best universities.


With the aim of contributing to the enhancement of the knowledge of Spain’s leaders, the Rafael del Pino Foundation organised Master Lectures and expert meetings in which prominent figures from the academic, business or political world took part.

557 events have been held at the Foundation over the past two decades; 325 of them were Master Lectures and 232 were discussions and meetings.


The frptv.es TV room provided a structured package of multimedia content enabling the Foundation’s activities to be followed in real time.

In addition to the 100,000 followers of the Foundation’s online streaming, there were 1,200,000 post-broadcast downloads of the 747 content items published on this audiovisual platform.


In accordance with the wishes of our founder to train leaders and entrepreneurs in different fields, including science, the Foundation has endowed chairs, appointed professors, supported research projects and offered freely available open platforms for the dissemination of reports, research projects and databases.

In addition to the 16 Rafael del Pino Professors appointed, the Foundation gave its support to 107 research projects, which have resulted in 70 works published in 14 languages.


The Rafael del Pino Sports Centre is a top level sports facility that is adapted to the mobility and accessibility requirements of people with spinal injuries, with the consequent technical complexities of design and construction. The Centre is mainly intended for people with spinal cord injury or some other disability.