Excellence scholarships association

Scholarship associations

The Rafael del Pino Foundation Scholarship Holders Association is made up of all those people who -since 2001- have obtained a postgraduate excellence scholarship abroad from the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

They are currently 245 members.



Main studies financed:

PhD in Economics.
Master’s degree in law.
Master’s degree in economics.

The Association’s main principles of action are:

The well-deserved thanks to the Rafael del Pino Foundation. The enormous sense of gratitude towards the Foundation is one of the fundamental ideas that we want to be a guide in achieving the objectives of the agenda for this biennium. This principle of the new Board of Directors will set goals such as the promotion of talent, the encouragement of entrepreneurship, civil leadership, social commitment, collaboration in programmes where the Foundation needs us, help in its communication tasks, and to increase awareness of its public activity.
The ad intra strengthening of the Rafael del Pino community. All the grantees share a series of principles and values that foster complicity among us. It is precisely this complicity that this new Board of Directors considers to be the Association’s best asset: to deepen, expand, foster and cultivate these relationships (of friendship, professional development, social action, etc.) through greater spaces for dialogue and meetings of fellows (Singular Lunches, Christmas Cup…), and the expansion of our reach beyond Madrid, in cities such as Barcelona, London, New York and Boston.
To publicise the work of the Association and the Foundation ad extra. To make the “Rafael del Pino Excellence Fellowship” brand a reference in Spain through fruitful institutional relations with other associations and other related institutions, and through better dissemination of our activities and those of the Foundation (social networks, other media…).
Maintain coherence with our principles and values. That all our activities foster a pro-global, pro-talent and pro-entrepreneurship spirit (as a vital attitude) in order to promote entrepreneurship, civil leadership and social commitment.

The core values of this new Board will base the agenda for this biennium on quality, relevance and cohesion.

By way of a summary of these principles and values we propose our motto:

A community worth serving

In order to achieve these objectives, we count not only on the voluntary work of a number of scholarship holders, but also on the invaluable support of the Rafael del Pino Foundation.