The Foundation



Our founder, Rafael del Pino y Moreno, was convinced of the importance of rediscovering education in Spain, in its broadest sense, as the driver of economic and social development. In his own words, We all have a great task before us: that of helping to ensure that the knowledge inherited from others, together with our own particular added value, continues to be passed on to the next generations in freedom. This we can do by serving others, through our commitment, our efforts and our sacrifice. And if we apply our knowledge in this way to improving the wellbeing of more people, we will have done our duty and we will have made a small contribution to helping the Earth’s inhabitants live together in peace”.

In response to the challenges and uncertainties posed by the future, society is calling increasingly for greater transparency in information and in the flow of knowledge, supported in many cases by the fast-paced technological development of the internet and virtual communities. In line with our founder’s vision, the Rafael del Pino Foundation engages in a variety of initiatives that give form to its commitment to fostering leadership, training Spanish leaders and entrepreneurs, defending freedom and disseminating knowledge.


What do we do?

The Foundation helps to train Spanish leaders and entrepreneurs, disseminate knowledge and defend freedom, principally, by encouraging personal free initiative, free market principles and free enterprise. The Foundation also contributes to improving people’s health and living conditions, to increasing knowledge of Spain’s history and to preserving Spain’s historical and cultural heritage.

To fulfil its Mission, the Foundation organises training programmes, awards excellence scholarships, hosts master lectures and meetings, contributes to the preservation of Hispanic heritage and promotes research.

Why do we do it?

The Spanish people have shown that with tenacity and effort they can reach places of excellence in all fields of knowledge and professional and business activities. That is why the founder, Rafael del Pino y Moreno, decided to set up this institution and dedicate it to enabling both today’s Spanish leaders and those of tomorrow to successfully develop their full potential in a progressively globalised world that is experiencing a process of exponential and disruptive technological change.

Who do we work for?

The Foundation’s programmes cater for all levels of education. Our initial experience in postgraduate studies and the training of existing leaders has been supplemented with programmes for children and young people at primary, secondary, pre-university and undergraduate level. The Foundation does not restrict the concept of leader to the business world. The notion of leader should apply to a wide spectrum of activities associated with very different fields of knowledge, including particularly the following: the economy and enterprise, the law and justice, the media, politics and public management, international relations, research and education.