Leadership programme for public management

Leaderships training

IESE. Universidad de Navarra

Program: Leadership programme for public management

First edition: 2004


INACTIVE. Rafael del Pino Foundation and IESE of the University of Navarre, signed a collaboration agree-ment to carry out a Leadership programme for public management. Professionalmanagement of public resources is a dutyof the civil servants in itself but besidesthere is also a social demand for it corres-ponding to social changes. But also it canbe said to emphasize its importance thatgovernments at every territorial level–local, regional, national or international-must build up their policies with a patternof organisational strategic culture, amodel and a specific programme, sincethey are organisations with their ownaims.

The public sector in Spain accounts formore than two million workers and has abig importance out of the total of theeconomy. Their manager training isessential for the market. Some Institutes and Ministrieshave training programmes for their civilservants but most of these are notaddressed to the top positions.That is the reason why a training pro-gramme to qualify in the real needs ofdirection and management is at a firstsight a big requirement for covering thedeficiencies.

The programme has beendesigned for providing public managersand political representatives with a wholereference framework for the performanceof their activity in their different tasks; res-ponsibility for management, service tothe different parts of the organisation,keeping up with the public strategy, etc.The Directors of the pro-gramme are Professor José Ramón Pinand Professor Antonio Núñez.