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Spanish Economy

This space includes information on the evolution of a set of relevant macroeconomic variables of the Spanish economy.

The series of quarterly observations of these variables have been prepared by researchers from the University of Valencia and the State Secretariats of the Budget and Economy of the Spanish Government. The variables included in the Spanish macroeconomic database (BDREMS), are classified into five groups:

  1. Demand and production variables and their corresponding deflators. Source: Quarterly National Accounts, INE. Base year: 2010.
  2. Demographic and labour market variables. Source: Quarterly National Accounts, INE.
  3. Public sector variables. Source: IGAE.
  4. Monetary and financial variables. Source: Bank of Spain.
  5. Foreign sector variables. Bank of Spain.

With the aim of contributing to the knowledge of the behaviour of our economy in recent decades, in this space we offer a tool for the visualisation of the most relevant macroeconomic series, which includes observations from 1980 to the present day.

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In addition to contributing to improving knowledge about the Spanish economy, these series are the statistical basis for the development of macroeconomic models, such as the REMS and EREMS models, which are the result of the research project “Macroeconomic Modelling and Public Policies” supported from the beginning by the Rafael del Pino Foundation. This research project, led by researchers Javier Ferri, José Emilio Boscá and José Ramón García, was joined in 2012 by BBVA Research.

Macro-economic database AMECO

AMECO is the annual macro-economic database of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs. The database is regularly cited in Commission publications and is indispensable for the analyses and reports of the Directorate General.