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Deep-tech entrepreneurship in Spain

Science and Technology

As a result of the MIT and the Rafael del Pino Foundation’s partnership, we are pleased to present the Deep-Tech Entrepreneurship in Spain report.

The authors: Oihana Basilio Ruiz de Apodaca, MIT-Rafael del Pino Fellow (2020-2022), Fiona Murray, William Porter Professor of Entrepreneurship & Associate Dean for Innovation + Inclusion, Sloan School of Management and Lars Frølund, Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Spanish deep-tech ecosystem by applying the MIT iEcosystem model, which emphasizes five critical system inputs (i.e. human capital, funding, infrastructure, demand, and culture/incentives) driving innovation capacity (I-Cap) and entrepreneurship capacity (E-Cap). The assessment of these inputs, both strengths, and weaknesses, serves as the basis for key recommendations designed from a systems perspective to strengthen Spain’s deep-tech ecosystem. The MIT approach also emphasizes the role of cocreation and collaboration among key stakeholders (i.e., entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, universities, companies, and the government) as an approach to implementation. In addition, the report sets out to create an international benchmark of deep-tech plans based on other developed countries as an opportunity to compare current and future actions in Spain.

The paper can be downloaded here.


Oihana Basilio

Vicente J. Pallardo López

Fiona Murray

Camilo Ulloa

Lars Frolund

Rafael Doménech