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Engineering by doing

Cheetiri Smith & Ed Moriarty, MIT Edgerton Center

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Cheetiri Smith & Ed Moriarty - Engineering by doing. MIT Edgerton Center.
Ed has been with the Edgerton Center since 2000. He is the instructor for the fall EC.A790 Engineering, Art, and Science First Year Advising Seminar (co-taught with Diane Brancazio) and is involved in the high school levels of our K–12 outreach program, where he has focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) outreach, initiating programs and partnerships from Florida to Alaska that inspire in young students a love for engineering.
Always willing to follow students’ lead and to let them discover their own voice, Moriarty offers the intellectual and emotional support that enables students of all ages to learn to engineer by doing. Ed also works with closely with student clubs and teams.

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