Rafael del Pino Excellence Fellows 2015

List of the beneficiaries of the 15th Grants Programme for postgraduate studies

Rafael Agrafojo Ramos. MBA, Wharton Business School.

Javier Arellano Galindez. MBA, INSEAD

Javier de Esteban Chocarro. MBA, Columbia University

Nerea Eceiza Arregui. MBA, MIT

Eugenia Gandoy López. MBA, MIT

Félix González Herranz. MBA, Stanford University

Álvaro Martínez Higes. MBA, MIT.

Antonio Muñoz Villanueva. MBA, Stanford University.

The scholarship holders of this promotion become part of the Rafael del Pino Foundation Scholarship Holders Association.

The Association of Rafael del Pino Foundation Scholarship Holders was constituted in Madrid on 21 July 2003, integrating the beneficiaries of scholarships and chairs awarded by the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

The main objectives of the Scholarship Holders Association are: to maintain the link and mutual support between scholarship holders, encouraging their functioning as a group and to promote among university students and recent graduates the beginning of postgraduate studies in prestigious universities.

The Fellows Association has an agreement with The Aspen Institute whereby two Fellows attend each year as Aspen Fellows. The programme aims to develop the next generation of community-minded leaders, giving them the tools they need to meet the challenges of business and civic leadership in the 21st century. The Association also collaborates with the "water for a pipe" solidarity campaign organised by Nuevos Caminos magazine.