Evaluation of the activity

  • Beneficiaries


    The following figures give an idea of the social impact achieved by the Foundation's activities in the 2022 financial year: From the moment of its constitution, the Foundation has had a clear vocation for training in fulfilment of the mission entrusted by the Founder to contribute to the training of current and future leaders. Among...

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  • Media impact

    Media impact

    The Foundation's intense activity was reflected in its social networks. On 31 December 2022, the Foundation had 87,016 followers on its institutional social media accounts, a figure that represents an increase of 17,214 followers in the period elapsed in 2022 compared to 2021. If this figure is expanded...

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  • Economic evaluation

    Economic evaluation

    As at 31 December 2022, the Foundation's net assets amounted to EUR 123.72 million. The Foundation's income derives 81.5% from income generated by its financial investments. The remaining 18.5% comes mainly from income from its own activities and other income. Expenditure on projects is distributed as follows....

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