Key milestones

1999In November, the Foundation was set up and in December it was entered in the Register of Foundations of the Protectorate of Foundations of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

2000The idea is formalised, resources are provided and the project is structured.

2001The Foundation is registered and begins its activity; the Rafael del Pino Excellence Scholarship Programme and the first CKeynote Lecture by former US President Bill Clinton. The Free Enterprise Forum.

2002launch of the United Nations Global Compact in Spainwith the UN Secretary General, Kofi AnnanThe first Ibero-American Young Leaders Programme; and the first "Alliance between companies and non-profit institutions" research support agreement.

2003the Rafael del Pino Chairswith the first Rafael del Pino Professor, Mauro Guillen, at the Wharton School; and the first Rafael del Pino Professor, Mauro Guillen, at the Wharton School; and the first Rafael del Pino Professor at the Wharton School. seminar for teachers held at the Royal Complutense College at Harvard University; establishment of the Rafael del Pino Association of Excellence Scholarship Holders.

2004The incorporation of the Foundation as a protector of the Royal Academy of HistoryThe first seminar on the economic analysis of the law in the Harvard Law SchoolThe launch of the first Diploma in Higher University Managementand of the research project on the history of exploration in collaboration with the Spanish Geographical Society under the direction of Professor Felipe Fernández-Armesto.

2005The presentation, by Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Asturias, of the Diccionario del Estudiante de la Real Academia Española, sponsored by the Foundation in collaboration with the RAE and the Academies of America and the Philippines; the launch of the first edition of the Diccionario del Estudiante de la Real Academia Española, sponsored by the Foundation in collaboration with the RAE and the Academies of America and the Philippines.he Public Management Leadership Programme at IESE and Macroeconomic Modelling Project together with the Ministry of Economy. The Entrepreneurs Forum.

2006, the first High Capacity Summer Camp and first Master of Leadership in Civil EngineeringThe research support programme is consolidated with 26 projects in the social sciences; launch of the first research programme in the field of social sciences. public economics seminar at GSU's Andrew Young School.

2007the Programme to improve the quality of life of people with spinal cord injuries.publication of the encyclopaedic work ".The King History of the Monarchy"coordinated by José Antonio Escudero, winner of the National History Prize 2009; first edition of the Congresses of young people with values LQDVIof which the Foundation is a founding partner.

2008first international forum on Climate Change; launching of the Occupational Therapy and Augmented Reality together with INDRA and the Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos; and Sponsorship of the Exhibition Enlightenment and Liberalism 1788-1814 at the Royal Palace in Madrid; first Cursus of specialisation in foundation management with the Spanish Association of Foundations.

2009The 5th anniversary celebration of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact with the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon; first Young Leadership Award of the Rafael del Pino Association of Excellence Scholarship Holders; first Workshop in International Economics held at the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University; H.M. The King visits the Foundation and receives a copy of the book "El Rey Historia de la Monarquía".

2010The first edition of the Leadership Programme in the State Security Forces and Corpswith the Society for International Studies, and of the Strategic Management and Social Leadership programme at IESE. First edition of the Teaching talent attraction programme with chairs at the Universidad Carlos III, Juan Díez Medrano, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Nagore Iriberri and the Fundación de Investigación Oftalmológica, Miguel Coca-Prados.

2011inauguration of the Rafael del Pino Sports Complex at the Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos by H.M. Queen Sofía; publication of the encyclopaedic work "The Encyclopaedia of the Spanish Language".The Cortes and the Constitution of Cadiz. 200 years"coordinated by José Antonio Escudero; the creation of the CRafael del Pino Chair of Neurosciences directed by Dr. Jesús Vaquero; programmes for entrepreneurs are multiplying in Spain and the United States.

2012The Prince of Asturias held a working meeting with the Board of Trustees of the Foundation and its management team; the Television room FRPTVthe Inicia Programme and the initiative Call to innovation with Singularity University and the Eduarda Justa Foundation.

2013published in the United States by "Our AmericaFelipe Fernández-Armesto, a history of the USA as seen from the territories of the Spanish Crown, winner of the US Academy of History Award; launching of the Esemp Entrepreneurship School with SECOT.

2014the Global Leadership Programme at Harvard University and that of Research in management at the London School of Economics and Political Science; published the encyclopaedic work ".The Church in Spanish History"directed by Jasé Antonio Escudero; launching of the people accelerator Celera together with the entrepreneur Javier García.

2015The Efficient regulation programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science; launching of the Evoluciona training of trainers programmeThe knowledge dissemination platform was born Research SpaceThe first edition of the Central Banking Series in Spain; first Felllowship Rafael del Pino-MAEC at the Harvard Kennedy School; Programme Entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation for baccalaureate students.

2016the Rafael del Pino Online School; launching of the programmes Frontiers of Innovation and Entrepreneurshipat MIT-Sloan, Global Civil Society at the Harvard Kennedy School; and The Future of Government at the University of Oxford, as well as the Young Talent network UnleashH.M. the King receives the 15th class of Rafael del Pino Excellence Scholarship holders; Feliciano Barrios' "La gobernación de la Monarquía en España" is awarded the National Prize for Spanish History.

2017The programmes are launched in Army leadership; first Master in Venture Capital and EntrepreneurshipThe leaders' network is born Spanish Leadership Networklaunch of the first initiative IdeasCamp.

2018, the first Master in international leadership in engineering and architecturetogether with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; the immersion programme was born. Call for talent; exhibition "The beautiful brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal"at the MIT-Museum; first Transatlantic Conference held in Spain, with the Harvard Kennedy School and the IE School of International Relations, and the first edition of the go!ODSThe Spanish network of the United Nations Global Compact.

2019approval of the NC1 first medicine produced by the public health system; launching in Spain of the MIT global teaching labsThe leaders' networks are born Call for Impact and Weak up leaders which organises the first Escape room of entrepreneurship; first Workshop on journalism and communication in the digital ageheld at the University of Oxford.

2020creation of the Online programme of Dialogues and Keynote Lectures and the first programme of Systemic leadershipas well as publication of the first report "INTEC10 emerging technologies to drive Spain forward".

2021The first "...", in collaboration with the MIT, is a call for the first "...".Fellowship Rafael del Pino-MIT on Deep-tech entrepreneurship"and the launch of the premium online excellence programmes with the first edition of the Transformative leadership programme for managers.

2022The launching of the Workshop From Science to Society: Translating today's research into tomorrow's solutionsin collaboration with the Scientists Club of the Rafael del Pino Association of Excellence Scholarship Holders in the Downing College of the University of Cambridge and publication of the work "Human development and the path to freedom".

2023launch of the FRP Channelwhich integrates together with platforms of TV and podcastthe Gazette and publication in the United States of the ".How the Spanish Empire was built. A 400 year History".

XX Anniversary Rafael del Pino Foundation