The Founder, Rafael del Pino y Moreno, was convinced of the importance of rediscovering education in Spain, in its broadest sense, as an engine of economic and social development. In his own words, "We all have a great task ahead of us: that of helping to ensure that the knowledge inherited from others, together with our particular added value, continues to be passed on to the next generations in freedom. All this in the service of others and through our dedication, our effort and our sacrifice. And if we apply our knowledge in this way to improve the well-being of more people, we will have done our duty and we will have contributed a little to making it easier for the inhabitants of the Earth to live together.

Faced with the challenges and uncertainties of the future, society is increasingly demanding greater transparency in information and in the flow of knowledge, in many cases supported by the accelerated technological development of the Internet and virtual communities. The Rafael del Pino Foundation, in line with the founder's vision, develops a series of initiatives that constitute a commitment to the promotion of leadership, the training of Spanish leaders and entrepreneurs, the defence of freedom and the dissemination of knowledge.


What do we do?

The Foundation contributes to training Spanish leaders and entrepreneurs, disseminating knowledge and defending freedom, mainly by promoting free individual initiative and the principles of free markets and free enterprise. The Foundation also contributes to improving the health and living conditions of citizens, as well as to improving knowledge of our history and the preservation of Spain's historical and cultural heritage.

In fulfilment of its mission, the foundation organises training programmes, awards scholarships of excellence, organises lectures and meetings, contributes to the preservation of the Hispanic heritage and promotes research.

Why do we do it?

Spanish citizens have shown that with tenacity and effort they can reach places of excellence in all fields of knowledge and professional and business activity. For this reason, the founder, Rafael del Pino y Moreno, decided to create this institution and dedicate it to ensuring that the Spanish leaders of today, as well as those of tomorrow, could successfully develop their skills in a progressively globalised world immersed in a process of exponential and disruptive technological change.

Who do we work for?

The Foundation focuses its programmes on all levels of education. Its initial experience in postgraduate training and the training of today's leaders has been complemented with programmes aimed at the very young, developed in primary, secondary, high school and undergraduate levels. The Foundation does not limit the concept of leaders to the business world. The notion of leaders must refer to a wide range of activities related to very different fields of knowledge, including the following: economics and business, law and justice, the media, politics and public management, international relations, research and teaching.