Activity report

Reports on the activities of the Rafael del Pino Foundation since its creation in 2001.

The Rafael del Pino Foundation was created on 4 November 1999 by decision of Rafael del Pino y Moreno, its Founder and President from 1999 to 2008.

The Foundation started its effective activities in May 2001. In response to its Founder's continuous desire to learn, improve and get to the bottom of things, as well as his deep love for Spain, the Foundation's main objective is to contribute to improving the knowledge of Spanish leaders so that they can successfully develop their skills. This is why its activities include those related to leadership training. This category includes training grants, awarded both to students who stand out for their excellence and to academics who can make brilliant contributions to the different fields of knowledge. In this sense, the Rafael del Pino Foundation contemplates research and training programmes and seminars for teachers and other professionals.

Similarly, the Rafael del Pino Foundation organises and holds various conferences and meetings in which prominent political, economic and social leaders analyse current problems and realities in depth. In addition to these actions, the Foundation is especially dedicated to promoting knowledge of history, defending Spain's historical and cultural heritage, promoting the importance of the Spanish language as a vehicle for communication in the world and developing programmes in the field of health and improving the living conditions of our fellow citizens.

In the words of the President of the Foundation, María del Pino: "The Founder, my father, was always keen to help young people with a vocation for entrepreneurship to broaden their global education, which will undoubtedly help them to better understand the environment in which they have to make decisions. He was a born entrepreneur, and a self-taught person with an enormous curiosity for many disciplines, which he has studied in depth and without rest, which has undoubtedly helped him in his successes".

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