Cookies policy

What are cookies and what are they used for?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device when you access certain web pages. Cookies are small information files that the server sends to the computer of the person accessing the website for the correct functioning and display of the sites by the user, as well as the collection of statistics. Under no circumstances may cookies damage your computer.

These cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users of the website and help us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website and to improve it. Disabling these cookies may prevent some of the functions offered by these services.

Cookie identification

Below, cookies are classified according to a series of categories. However, it should be noted that the same cookie may be included in more than one category.

Types of cookies according to the entity that manages them:

Depending on the entity that manages the equipment or domain from which the cookies are sent and processes the data obtained, we can distinguish:

  • Own cookies: These are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by the editor itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided.
  • Third-party cookies: These are cookies that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies.

In the event that the cookies are installed from a computer or domain managed by the editor itself, but the information collected through them is managed by a third party, they cannot be considered as own cookies.

The Rafael del Pino Foundation does not collect or store your personal information (for example, your name or address) so this information cannot be used to identify you.

Detailed table of the own and third-party cookies we use

_ga 2 years It serves to distinguish users. Analytics
_gid 1 day It is used to distinguish users. Analytics
_gat 1 minute Used to limit the percentage of requests. Analytics
AWSALBCORS / AWS 1 week Records which server group is serving the visitor. This is used in connection with load balancing to optimise the user experience. Third-party technology
AWSALB / AWS 1 week Records which server group is serving the visitor. This is used in connection with load balancing to optimise the user experience. Third-party technology
__cfduid / Cloudfare 1 month Cookie associated with sites using CloudFlare, used to speed up page load times. According to CloudFlare it is used to override any security restrictions based on the visitor's IP address. It does not contain any user identifiable information. Third-party technology
c3po.jpg Session Collects data on browsing and user behaviour on the website anonymously without the possibility of identification. Analytics
NID 6 months It records a unique ID that identifies a returning user's device. The ID is used for targeted advertisements. Third-party technology
OTZ 1 month They collect information about preferences to be used for advertising purposes. Advertising
SEARCH_SAMESITE 6 months The objective is to mitigate the risk of cross-origin information leakage. It also provides some protection against cross-site request forgery attacks. Third-party technology
ANID 1 year It contains a unique randomly generated value that allows the Platform to distinguish browsers and devices. This information is used to measure ad performance and provide product recommendations based on statistical data. Advertising
1P_JAR 1 year Personalise ads to the user. Advertising
CONSENT 20 years Stores the user's cookie consent status for the current domain. Third-party technology
GPS Temporary Cookies for the integration of the Youtube service in the portal. Analytics
YSC N/A Contains a unique identifier to enable monitoring of YouTube video views. Analytics
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 6 months Allows you to track the visited videos embedded in this website. Analytics
PREF 1 month This is a cookie used to store Google site and browser preferences. Third-party technology
IDE 2 months Used by Google DoubleClick to record and report the actions of website users after viewing or clicking on one of the advertiser's ads for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness of an ad and presenting targeted ads to the user. Advertising
wp-wpml_current_language Session Identifies the language of the page viewed Compulsory technique
PHPSESSID Session Used to identify an authenticated user on the platform. Third-party technology

Use of Google Analytics cookies on websites:
Google Analytics Privacy Terms:
Google Cookie Terms:
Terms and conditions of metricool cookies:

Third-party services

In addition, the Rafael del Pino Foundation is present on third-party portals and services for which, if you wish to know the conditions of privacy and use of cookies, you should consult the policies provided by the same:

Acceptance of cookies policy

The Rafael del Pino Foundation displays information about its Cookies Policy at the bottom of any page of the portal with each login so that you are aware of it.

Given this information, the following actions are possible:

  • Accept cookies. This notice will not be displayed again when accessing any page of the portal during the current session.
  • Modify the configuration. You can obtain more information about what cookies are, learn about the Rafael del Pino Foundation's Cookies Policy and modify the configuration of your browser to restrict or block Rafael del Pino Foundation cookies at any time. In the case of restricting or blocking cookies, the functionalities of the website may be reduced.

How to change your cookie settings

You can restrict, block or delete cookies from the Rafael del Pino Foundation or any other website, using your browser. In each browser the operation is different, the 'Help' function will show you how to do this.

In addition, you can also manage the storage of cookies in your browser using tools such as the following:

Changes to this Policy

This Cookies Policy may be modified when required by the legislation in force at any given time or when there is any variation in the type of cookies used on the website. We therefore recommend that you review this policy each time you access our website in order to be properly informed about how and why we use cookies.

Version of this Policy: November 2020