Alumni networks

The Alumni Networks of the Rafael del Pino Foundation are made up of groups of people from very different fields who have established a strong bond with each other as a result of taking part in one of the leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation programmes offered by the Foundation. They are joined by the Rafael del Pino Excellence Fellows.

The communities resulting from these programmes aim to promote dialogue and the exchange of knowledge among their members, favouring their contact, collaboration and support, as well as with the rest of their fellow citizens. Through a wide variety of formats and organisational methodologies - meetings, network platforms, etc. - they come together around issues that affect Spanish society with the aim of generating new ideas in a dynamic and productive discussion.

  • Association of scholarship holders of excellence

    Association of scholarship holders of excellence

    The Rafael del Pino Foundation Scholarship Holders Association is made up of all those people who -since 2001- have obtained a postgraduate scholarship abroad from the Rafael del Pino Foundation. We are currently 245 members. ASSOCIATION OF RAFAEL DEL PINO FOUNDATION SCHOLARS BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2017-2019 Bernardo Navazo (President)...

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  • Spanish Leadership Network

    Spanish Leadership Network

    The Spanish Leadership Network is a community of professionals from diverse backgrounds committed to improving Spain's international projection. The objective of this community is to create a framework for dialogue around the major issues that affect Spain's global interests. The Network is made up of the Alumni of...

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  • Alumni association master in international leadership for engineers and architects

    Alumni association master in international leadership for engineers and architects

    This association arose as a result of the union of students who have taken the master's degree in international leadership in engineering and architecture, organised by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Rafael del Pino Foundation, which aims to identify the best students in engineering and architecture in order to contribute to the development of the...

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