Painting by Rafael del Pino y Moreno

Rafael del Pino y Moreno was one of the most important Spanish businessmen of the 20th century. His restlessness and entrepreneurial spirit led him to create the Rafael del Pino Foundation in 1999.

Presentation of the Foundation

The Foundation manages its patrimony, bequeathed by the founder, which allows the fulfilment of its foundational purposes with its own resources. All the Foundation's expenditure is financed solely by the funds from the Foundation's endowment and the profitability of its management, without any public or private subsidy.

The objectives of the Rafael del Pino Foundation are:

  • Developing leaders
  • Promoting individual initiative, free market principles and free enterprise
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial activity
  • Contributing to improving the health and living conditions of citizens
  • Improving knowledge of Spanish history and protecting Spain's cultural heritage

The work of the Rafael del Pino Foundation is inspired by the principles of defending general interests, freedom, entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, rigour, vocation for service and transparency.

The Rafael del Pino Foundation is a non-profit organisation included among the entities regulated by the Law on Foundations and Tax Incentives for Private Participation in Activities of General Interest and classified and registered in the State Competence Register by Ministerial Order of 30/12/1999, with the assigned registration number 479.

Letter from the Founder (Madrid, 2001)

The objective of the Rafael del Pino Foundation is to contribute to the improvement of the knowledge of the leaders of the Spain of the future, to the promotion of individual initiative and to the encouragement of the principles of free market and free enterprise.

Our leaders have shown for many years that with tenacity and effort, excellence can be achieved in all fields of knowledge and professional and business activity. For this reason, I believe that it is worthwhile dedicating our efforts so that both today's Spanish leaders and those of the future can successfully develop their skills in a progressively globalised world in which competitiveness is a fundamental reference point.

The Foundation does not limit the concept of leadership to the business world. The notion of leadership should refer to a wide range of activities related to different fields of knowledge, among which I highlight the following: economics and business, law and justice, media, politics and public management, international relations and education.

Our historical and cultural heritage is important. For this reason, the Foundation also wishes to promote knowledge of history, contribute to the defence of the Hispanic cultural heritage and promote the growing importance of the Spanish language as a vehicle of communication in the world.

I have created the Rafael del Pino Foundation to give back to Spanish society part of what this same society has given me throughout my personal and professional life. It has been my wish for the Foundation to be independent and to have a long life. To this end, I count on the commitment of my family.

During my long business career I have learned that institutions, like buildings or roads, are built step by step, with some haste and, above all, without interruptions. Objectives must also be pursued with a desire for excellence. I hope that the Foundation will pursue them with the spirit of effort that has animated all my collaborators for more than 50 years of professional life.

Rafael del Pino y Moreno

  • Rafael del Pino y Moreno

    Rafael del Pino y Moreno

    Founder and Chairman of Ferrovial (1952-2008). Founder and Chairman of the Rafael del Pino Foundation (1999-2008). Honorary Chairman of Ferrovial (2000-2008).

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  • Ana María Calvo-Sotelo Bustelo

    Ana María Calvo-Sotelo Bustelo

    Patron of the Rafael del Pino Foundation and wife of its founder, Rafael del Pino y Moreno.

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