New Technologies Report (Intec) 2022

  • CO2 capture and recovery

    CO2 capture and recovery

    By capturing CO2 and converting it into a new feedstock we can find a new source of clean carbon, from which to manufacture value-added products and zero-emission fuels.

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  • Technology for the detection of resistant bacteria

    Technology for the detection of resistant bacteria

    In addition to working on the development of new drugs, scientists are investigating new technologies for the detection of resistant bacteria. Spotting threats early accelerates appropriate diagnosis and treatment.  

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  • Intelligent mobility

    Intelligent mobility

    The technological challenge of defining what the new architecture of environmentally sustainable economic growth will look like is completed by smart mobility. Its impact goes beyond the electrification and connectivity of vehicles with an increasing degree of autonomy, and the development of a whole industry of new services associated with it.

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  • Critical elements

    Critical elements

    Raw materials are fundamental to economic development. But almost all of them have a problem: they are finite substances, and using them indiscriminately can lead to an unsustainable future. It is therefore important to develop new recycling and utilisation technologies, as well as to research substitutes based on more abundant materials that allow the same level of energy efficiency and...

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  • Mathematics for a sustainable world

    Mathematics for a sustainable world

    Mathematics is one of the fundamental tools for achieving sustainability. From developing new models to better understand migratory movements to creating better systems for resource management, mathematics pervades a myriad of aspects of reality; it contributes to economic growth by ensuring sustainable progress.

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  • Metaverse


    Beyond entertainment and video games, metaverse technologies will revolutionise the way we interact with each other and with computers, just as the internet revolutionised the digital age. The possibilities are endless.

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  • Smart fertilisers

    Smart fertilisers

    Smart fertilisers encompass a range of technologies to reduce the environmental impact of our agriculture. Through systems that control the release of substances, we make the best use of resources and, at the same time, minimise pollution of both food and ecosystems. Of course, all of these improvements always maintain the productivity of our crops....

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  • Teragnostic materials

    Teragnostic materials

    Theragnostics is no longer a futuristic technology, it is the present. As medical specialists explain, it is a technology that offers precision and personalised molecular radiotherapy. It is not killing flies with cannons, but attacking the tumour cell directly, putting radiation into it and destroying it without affecting healthy tissues and with hardly any side effects.

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  • The world of robots

    The world of robots

    Robots will not replace humans, they are autonomous, but never self-sufficient. What they do avoid are tedious and dangerous jobs and tasks, to increase job security and free our creativity.

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  • The tourism of things

    The tourism of things

    Thanks to advances such as virtual reality, augmented reality and the internet of things, we will soon be experiencing travel and getaways in a completely different way. These technologies, in addition to increasing the possibilities for remote enjoyment, also open new doors to more interactive, personalised and augmented content, through the use of the internet....

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