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The Chair in Science and Society is born

Emerging technologies

The Chair in Science and Society connects with the vocation of the Rafael del Pino Foundation to contribute to the training of Spanish leaders and entrepreneurs and to promote freedoms and knowledge, but it is also the necessary fruit of a historic moment. In addition to the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, the new scenario created by the serious health crisis of Covid 19 has been added in 2020. A totally disruptive framework that forces public and private political, social and economic actors to redefine the ultimate meaning of progress and how to approach a future in which science must necessarily play a central role.

In current debates such as climate change, resource scarcity, inequality or the rise of post-truth, science and technology are emerging as a source of opportunity, redefining work, health and wellbeing, consumption and even the geopolitics of our time.

In short, it is a forum for thinking, discussing and disseminating the main ideas on the impact of new technologies on our society. All this through tools that combine knowledge and dissemination.

Every year, thanks to the collaboration of the Chair's panel of experts, a report is published on the new emerging technologies that will have a decisive influence on Spain's development and competitiveness. This initiative takes advantage of the Chair holder's experience in the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum and in other areas of knowledge on emerging technologies.

  • Committee of Experts

    Committee of Experts

    The Committee of Experts of the Chair in Science and Society of the Rafael del Pino Foundation is currently made up of 12 members, seven women and five men, who are undisputed leaders in various fields of knowledge and research in Spain. Its last meeting took place on 18 January 2009....

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  • Objectives of the Chair

    Objectives of the Chair

    Engine of change

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  • Chair FRP

    Chair FRP

    Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Director of the Molecular Nanotechnology Laboratory at the University of Alicante (UA), where he has carried out extensive teaching and research work on nanomaterials and their application in the energy sector.

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  • Staff


    Team behind the production of the annual report.

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