Team behind the production of the annual report.

Eugenio Mallol

Eugenio Mallol Sanchis

Coordinator of the Chair in Science and Society of the Rafael del Pino Foundation and editor-in-chief of the Report of the Chair in Science and Society.

Columnist for Forbes Spain, communications director of Atlas Tecnológico and director of INNOVADORES 2009-2020, a supplement on innovation published in EL MUNDO until 2018 and subsequently in La Razón-Onda Cero. In 2019, he was the Spanish-language media outlet that covered the most international professional innovation events in the world. Author of the books "Las Lecciones de los Líderes" (Planeta Empresa, 2008), "14_Razones para Innovar" (Redit, 2012) and "Empresas que cambian el mundo" (Redit, 2018). Lecturer, columnist and author of reports such as "Retos 2021" of the Carlos III University.

Fernando Gomollón Bel

Responsible for the editorial of the Report of the Chair in Science and Society

Fernando Gomollón-Bel holds a PhD in chemistry and is an expert in science communication. He works as press and communication coordinator for the Graphene Flagship, one of the largest research projects in the European Union, and is a frequent contributor to publications such as Heraldo de Aragón, Principia Magazine, Chemistry World and Chemical & Engineering News. He has also participated in popular science programmes in media such as RNE, Aragón TV and Aragón Radio and has written the IUPAC report on emerging technologies in chemistry for two consecutive years.

Fernando Gomollón Bel

Germinal and Brandon Love

Germinal & Brandon Love (G&BL) is an advertising agency in Murcia that is committed to graphic design and an innovative and disruptive discourse. Its intention is to offer the most differentiating and notorious advertising campaign, fully integrated, with people at the centre of each idea, standing out as one of the best advertising agencies at a national level. They are currently working on the visual concept and design of the second edition of the Report. 10 emerging technologies to boost Spain of the Chair of Science and Society of the Rafael del Pino Foundation.