• Teragnostic materials

    Teragnostic materials

    Theragnostics is no longer a futuristic technology, it is the present. As medical specialists explain, it is a technology that offers precision and personalised molecular radiotherapy. It is not killing flies with cannons, but attacking the tumour cell directly, putting radiation into it and destroying it without affecting healthy tissues and with hardly any side effects.

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  • Nanomedicine


    The applications of nanotechnology in medicine include diagnosis, treatment, reduction of side effects and even the enormous potential to fight more effectively against infectious organisms such as SARS-CoV-2 or antibiotic-resistant bacteria. For years, Spain has led innovation in the field of nanomedicine. Now...

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  • Advanced photoactive materials

    Advanced photoactive materials

    Significant improvements in the use of solar energy will in any case require new photoactive materials, which react to light and trigger energy-generating processes capable of overcoming the limitations of silicon and multiplying the performance of the panels.

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