agricultura de precisión

  • Precision farming

    Precision farming

    Thanks to satellites, drones, autonomous machinery and artificial intelligence, precision agriculture will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, maximise resource efficiency and crop sustainability.

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  • Javier García explains INTEC 2021

    Javier García explains INTEC 2021

    Javier García Martínez presented the results of the work of the Chair of Science and Society of the Rafael del Pino Foundation, materialised in the publication of the book España a ciencia cierta. A look at the future we can build, published by Gestión2000. The event took place on 17 November in the Auditorium of the Rafael del Pino...

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  • Satellite data for decision-making

    Satellite data for decision-making

    The manufacture, launch and management of satellite systems is the core activity of the space industry. The barriers to entry into the aerospace industry are now lower, the technology more advanced and societies' need for knowledge higher than ever. A synthetic overview of space markets offers four main activities:...

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