7. A technological shield for all-out cyberwarfare

The protection of digital assets and critical infrastructure has not only become a challenge for the economy, but will shape the ability of individuals to exercise their freedoms and of democracies to function without constraints.

Protecting our data, systems and digital assetsThe need for a new approach, especially in an increasingly interconnected world, is going to be crucial. Technological evolution has brought with it great opportunities, but it has also exposed individuals and organisations to a number of challenges. unprecedented threats and risks. New technologies such as AI, big data and blockchain improve threat detection and the protection of our personal data.

The challenge of cybersecurity looms over the economywhich should include such a requirement from the very moment of the product and service designand on a company The Commission is obliged to reinforce its mechanisms for guaranteeing the freedoms and the shaping of public debate in democracy.

Scientific commitment

Despite facing continuing challenges in the cyber security sector, the future also offers reasons for optimism. There is a clear commitment on the part of the technology community to develop more efficient, sophisticated and sustainable solutions to protect our digital sphere.

In addition, the cooperation between governments, international organisations and businesses will allow the construction of a safer and more secure online environment. With awareness, education and adoption of the latest technologies, we can forge a more resilient digital future, where our digital movements unfold with confidence and security.