New Technologies Report (Intec) 2021

  • Telemedicine


    Telemedicine harnesses digital resources and advances in telecommunications to bring about a leap forward in healthcare systems. Its impact benefits the most disadvantaged sectors, such as the elderly, the vulnerable sick and people living far from urban centres.

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  • Photonics


    Photonics has the potential to transform the telecommunications industry, as well as to revolutionise robotics and automation processes, advanced medicine and wearable technologies and quality control checks in different sectors.

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  • Green hydrogen

    Green hydrogen

    Spain can lead the European transition to the hydrogen economy. Our position as a leader in the renewables market guarantees that we will be able to produce green hydrogen in large quantities and at very competitive prices.

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  • Neuroscience


    Machines that anticipate our thoughts and prevent accidents, neural interfaces that improve our memory and advanced implants capable of curing diseases such as Parkinson's or epilepsy will soon be a reality.

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  • Mathematics for data processing

    Mathematics for data processing

    Spain leads pioneering initiatives in mathematical research and model development, thanks to the work of universities and the CSIC. However, the importance of mathematics in our economy is still far below that of other European countries.

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  • Augmented reality

    Augmented reality

    A commitment to innovation in augmented reality, across all sectors, is a guarantee of success; it will revolutionise healthcare, education, engineering and logistics, as well as transforming activities such as tourism, shopping and leisure.

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  • Quick tests

    Quick tests

    Rapid tests could revolutionise the way we diagnose diseases. According to the WHO, these tests work without the complexity of a testing laboratory, give results within minutes and are easy to use, so they also do not require the intervention of medical professionals.

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  • Supercomputing


    Supercomputing is a technology that has enabled revolutionary breakthroughs. The development of new, even more powerful computers will transform almost every industrial sector, from the development of new pharmaceuticals and connected health systems to the creation of more efficient manufacturing processes and more sustainable technologies.

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  • Precision farming

    Precision farming

    Thanks to satellites, drones, autonomous machinery and artificial intelligence, precision agriculture will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, maximise resource efficiency and crop sustainability.

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  • Nanomedicine


    The applications of nanotechnology in medicine include diagnosis, treatment, reduction of side effects and even the enormous potential to fight more effectively against infectious organisms such as SARS-CoV-2 or antibiotic-resistant bacteria. For years, Spain has led innovation in the field of nanomedicine. Now...

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