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Thirty-five buildings of notable architectural and urbanistic significance existed at the beginning of the last century on the Prado-Recoletos-Castellana axis, whose constructions were commissioned by families of the nobility and the upper middle class. Today only eight remain standing. One of them, the Adcoch Palace, located on Paseo de la Castellana at the corner of Calle Rafael Calvo, houses the headquarters of the Rafael del Pino Foundation. It was designed by the architect José López Sallaberry, who designed it in the French style, to which he added Spanish elements, such as the neo-Plateresque finish of the corner tower with its gallery of semicircular arches and the crowning vases on the cornice, elements clearly inspired by the Palacio de Monterrey in Salamanca. This singularity gives its name to an architectural style, the Monterrey style.

Adcoch Palace, home of the Rafael del Pino Foundation

Façade of the Palace

In 1999 Rafael del Pino y Moreno, a doctor in civil engineering and one of the most important Spanish businessmen of the 20th century, commissioned the architect Rafael de la Hoz Castanys to restore the building in order to establish the headquarters of the Foundation that bears his name. In restoring the palace, Rafael del Pino endeavoured to respect the historical character of the building.

It was also in 1999 when his concern and entrepreneurial spirit led him to create the Rafael del Pino Foundation, with the aim of "contributing to the improvement of the knowledge of the leaders of the Spain of the future, to the promotion of individual initiative and to the encouragement of the principles of free market and free enterprise".

The Rafael del Pino Foundation has carried out many activities to date, including conferences, dialogues, meetings of experts, seminars, training courses, awards, scholarships, etc. All its activities are aimed at fulfilling the mission entrusted by the Founder, with a vocation of service to Spanish society and in compliance with the principles of freedom, transparency, rigour, innovative spirit and efficiency. In particular, the programme of lectures and events aims to contribute to the improvement of the knowledge of Spanish leaders and that is why its lectures have been given by prominent personalities from the academic, business and political spheres, including more than 40 Nobel Prize winners along with prestigious experts and world leaders.

This programme of the Rafael del Pino Foundation was inaugurated on 18 May 2001 by the 42nd President of the United States, William Clinton, who gave a lecture on the subject entitled "The President of the United States, William Clinton. A Common Future: Globalisation in the 21st Century.

The Rafael del Pino Foundation has been developing its activity in the Adcoch Palace since 1999 and opens the doors of this meeting place for people, companies and institutions, offering the possibility that other entities can also enjoy its facilities. The conference room and the adjoining areas of the Adcoch Palace are an ideal space for holding any type of event: conferences, training courses, conventions, meetings, presentations, seminars, screenings, meetings, exhibitions, product launches, etc.

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Address and contact:

Access: Calle Rafael Calvo, 39, Madrid

Telephone: +34 91 396 86 05

E-mail: espacios@frdelpino,es

Contact person: Beatriz Lobatón

Means of transport:

Metro Stations: Rubén Darío and Gregorio Marañón

EMT bus lines: 27, 45, 150

Access to Calle Rafael Calvo, 39, Madrid

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Pº de la Castellana, 51, Madrid -Edificio Caixa- (can be accessed from Calle Miguel Ángel and Calle García de Paredes).

C/ Miguel Ángel, 29, Madrid -Hotel Miguel Ángel

C/ General Martínez Campos, 44, Madrid (with pedestrian exit at Calle Rafael Calvo, 29)