Spanish economy

This space includes information on the evolution of a set of data of regional magnitudes of the Spanish economy.

The undeniable improvements experienced in regional statistics today allow for a greater knowledge of the interactions that take place within the Spanish economic territory, complementing the economic analysis based on national statistics.

The database of the Spanish Regional Model (BDMORES) incorporates regional magnitudes classified by region and branch of activity, and is also compatible with the national database BDREMS. BDMORES was originally conceived in the Directorate General for Budget Analysis and Programming as a support for the MORES regional model.

The current version of BDMORES adopts the year 2010 as its base and follows the methodology of the Spanish National Accounts used in said base (ESA95). The variables included in the BDMORES are presented in a double-entry table in which the series of values are in the rows and the years and data identifying the series in columns. The complete list of variables is specified on the sheet “List of variables”, where, for each variable, a link to the corresponding spreadsheet is provided, as well as a short definition of the variable in question.