Spanish economy

The BD.MORES b2008 is a database of regional magnitudes, compatible with the national database - BDREMS - specific to the macroeconomic model (REMS) currently used in the Directorate-General for Budget.

Originally conceived in the Directorate General for Budget Analysis and Programming as a support for the regional model MORES (BD.MORES b80), the undeniable improvements experienced in national and regional statistics, as well as in the reference methodology for the compilation of National and Regional Accounts (ESA95), and the successive base changes in the series of National and Regional Accounts, made an in-depth revision of the regional database essential.

Most of the economic magnitudes are doubly classified by region and branch of activity, valued at current prices or at constant 2008 prices. The valuation criteria of the different variables are in line with those established in ESA95. The choice by the INE of the year 2008 as the reference year for the National Accounts is of a nature of transition to the new base referring to the year 2010, in which, furthermore, the methodological reference framework changes (ESA 2010). The compilation of the future BDMORES b.2010 will be developed as the INE publishes more detailed Regional Accounts data referring to the new base. The update of BDMORES b.2008 is planned, with the incorporation of other variables (intermediate consumption) or their extension to more recent years.

The data are presented in an EXCEL file with 18 spreadsheets to facilitate greater flexibility in their use. In general, the variables of the BD.MORES are presented in a double-entry table in which the series of values are in the rows and the years and identification data of the series in columns. The complete list of variables is specified in the sheet “List of variables”, where for each one a link to the corresponding spreadsheet is provided, as well as a brief definition of the variable in question.