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World Economy

The world economy is continuously exposed to structural macroeconomic shocks of different nature that impact with different intensity and direction on variables such as GDP, international trade, employment, competitiveness, etc.

The World Economic Cycle Heat Map shown below is the result of the work of Professor Vicente Pallardó. It allows us to compare the relative position of each of the 60 economies included in this analysis with respect to their peers, taking into account that each of the 26 developed economies of the subset is compared with the subset of the same and, in the same way, with each of the 34 emerging and developing economies.

The map has been drawn up for two sub-periods:

  • The first, with a medium-term perspective, is for the years from the Great Recession to the outbreak of the pandemic (2008-2019).
  • The second is for the two years between the global economic downturn and the recovery of the global economy in the post-COVID-19 period.

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